The Coach is coming to a comfy couch nearest you: Online Life Coaching.

Arranging your coaching sessions online via Skype or Google Hangouts allows you to be in your most comfortable surroundings, your home or office. My clients appreciate the online options and consider this a great convenience. You can keep your appointments even when last minute life happens; like business travel, car breaks down, or the sitter cancels. You can schedule with great flexibility around baby naps or in-between business meetings. Besides, fitting in your results and life coach should not increase anxiety, or cause you to feel stretched. So, forget the rush hour and paid parking, and schedule an online consultation now to try it out - The charge is $0.

Getting set up for online coaching.

First, you will need a computer and webcam. Most webcams are now built into your laptops, and your smartphones utilize the built-in cameras. 

Second, a good internet connection is necessary. If your wifi connection tends to lag or is slower, it is advisable to directly plug into your internet with an ethernet cable. You can also connect with a hotspot from your mobile device. Please be sure this is a strong signal and 4G network. 

Third, decide if you will use Skype or Google Hangouts to video conference with your coach. Both are free and a simple set up. 

SKYPE: This is a free download. Follow the steps, including setting up a username. All Androids and iPhones offer the Skype app. Once you are set up, you can find and send a contact request to your coach, Tonia.Kurth. Please include a message stating your name and date/time of your appointment. At the time of our consultation, Tonia will reach out to you on Skype. Once you answer, your face-to-face connection will begin.

GOOGLE HANGOUTS: You do need to have a Gmail account to use Google Hangouts. Connect with MeBoldly on Google+, and go to your page at the time of your consultation in order to receive a call from your Coach. If you are not on the page at the time of the call, an email invitation to join the call will be sent to your Gmail. 

Please don't hesitate to call if you get stuck during the setup.

You are all set!

Once you have your download complete, a username created, and you have connected with ME BOLDLY, it's time to get excited.

 You are now all set to curl up with a blanket and a cup of coffee in your most comfy spot in the house or office, and begin this amazing journey of fully discovering yourself. Be prepared to become clear with what you really are all about, where you really want to take your life, and boldly make decisions and take action to get you to those results.