Often, Clients discover ME Boldly after endless Googling looking to find answers, such as: 

  • How to change my life, how to start over, or life transition  

  • Feeling lost, fighting unhappiness or better life

  • Teens under pressure, Plans/goals for college and careers

  • What career will make me happy? Stuck in the rat race, or creating life balance

  • Dating and relationship obstacles

  • Organization and prioritizing

  • Freedom to take risks to have what really want

  • meaning in life, find my purpose, or living authentic

Maybe these searches are similar to the ones you made.


Maybe life is going great, and you are all about possibilities and raising the ceiling in your work or private life. Coaching is the powerful vehicle for all of us to push through the obstacles or ceilings we have in our lives.

Common questions for Life Coaches include, "What is the difference between coaching and counseling/therapy?" And, "What is life coaching anyway?" This short video can answer some of these questions:



For all of us, where we are today certainly is the result of many factors, including our past. Often the obstacles before us, have been rooted in over our lifetime. 

In coaching, we can use what has brought us to today to MOVE FORWARD towards great things. If you are ready to boldly focus forward, life coaching at ME Boldly Coaching Services will be a tremendous gift to yourself, or loved one, that will keep on giving.



If you feel a counselor or mental health professional may be appropriate for you, I am happy to offer referrals depending on your location. 


(612) 656-9880

Through one-on-one coaching, you will discover a deeper understanding of what you truly value, and what living aligned with those values looks like to you. 


Making life choices that honor your values, creates purpose. With purpose, you can conquer any obstacle that stands in front of your big GOALS and DREAMS. 

Here is your opportunity to make bold changes; increase more of what you love, maybe take completely different directions, and clean out the clutter that doesn't belong in your awesome life.


What do you want for your

  • love life

  • family

  • friendships

  • physical/mental health

  • career

  • spirituality

  • finances/economic status

  • creative outlets

  • fun-time

  • learning

  • community (locally/world)

Equipped with effective tools and strong support, what you desire in your life can become reality. You will be empowered to make those:


Take daring ACTIONS

Create lasting RESULTS

for a meaningful life.

Coaching Provides: Increased confidence, life balance satisfaction, more productive and purposeful in your home and work, and attainment of focused goals.

Me Boldly offers several GROUP Coaching opportunities weekly. From Scheduled workshops and meetups, to Client customized events that may be an hour-long speaker, a workshop, or even a weekend destination retreat. 

Whether you are in the Minnesota Twin Cities area, Hawaii, Florida or anywhere in-between, Me Boldly will come to your area for an event fitting to your needs.

Me Boldly Workshops

There are several packaged workshops available.

No matter your focus or need, our workshops can be the catalyst you seek to create change in any area:
Physical Health: Fit, Weightloss, Healthy eating.
RelationshipsDating, Marriage, Reconnecting with Loved Ones
Find and Live your Purpose: Happiness/ Authenticity
Career/Business Change or Growth
Financial Health: Spend Less/Save More, Improve Credit, Increase Income
Life Balance: More Time for Family/Friends, Travel, Learning, Hobbies

MN Twin Cities From Monthly Happy Hour (COS) Circle of Support

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This is a free, semi-structured, monthly HH meet-up with what we hope becomes your NEW Circle of Support (COS)... for those of us boldly pushing through obstacles to get results and make big changes in our lives. 

Expect tips/tools to help in making changes, knocking out obstacles, and sticking to your goals. Good stuff!

This is a great opportunity to find an accountability partner that may share similar goals, life stories, or you simply connect with! 

Me Boldly Speaking Events

A transformational opportunity for your event attendees. Select a Me Boldly topic or customize one to your needs. Inspire and motivate your group towards specific goals, while increasing value and relationships with your audience. Me Boldly will travel anywhere in the U.S. and present in-house or coordinate/provide venue in your area. 


Retreats: Packaged or Customized

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ME Boldly Coaching Services partners with teams and businesses seeking results and healthy culture change.

Coaching professional leadership, office staff, and teams to facilitate stronger communication, overcome company specific obstacles, and build a powerful and healthy working environment.

Statistics provided by the International Coach Federation.

Contact ME Boldly Coaching Services for special TEAM package and pricing.  

Call (612) 656-9880