Why is there tremendous growth in the coaching industry?

The coaching industry growth is due its powerful impact on businesses and the individuals they hire. Coaching focuses on what is most important in all areas of people's lives, understanding that unhappiness in one part of your life significantly impacts us as whole. Specifically: 1) Companies are moving away from "traditional employment contracts" due to radical organizational changes such as downsizing, restructuring, mergers. 2) Certain industries have a shortage of qualified employees, causing businesses to invest in individuals' development. 3) Managers are facing increasing demands for competitive results. What they are trained for and what they are required to do on the job, have become a significant disparity. 4) The increasing expectations on workers to perform at an all-time high level, has caused workplace pressures and job insecurity for them. 5) When creating businesses goals, as well as top-notch customer satisfaction, Companies must develop inclusive, collaborative work environments. 6) As life and results coaching has become more prevalent; the conversation, language, and openness to taking charge of their own lives in this way has increased its appeal.

Can you measure coaching success?

A business can measure how successful the coaching process has been for them, by considering both external and internal measures. EXTERNAL MEASURES work when comparing criteria that was previously being measured. Examples include; achievement of coaching goals established early on in the coaching relationship, increased income/revenue, performance feedback or obtaining a promotion, data reflecting performance increase in areas of productivity and efficiency. Examples of INTERNAL MEASURES include self-scoring/self-validating assessments that can be administered initially and at regular intervals in the coaching process, changes in the individual's self-awareness and awareness of others, shifts in thinking that create more effective actions, and shifts in one's emotional state that inspire confidence.

How well does online virtual Coaching work?

The most important factor in successful coaching is developing a trusting, coaching relationship. I work to develop great atmosphere by both phone and video conferencing. I have not experienced any unique obstacles relating to how we meet, that have hindered the awesome relationships developed with my clients. You'll have an opportunity to try this out when we initially meet to discuss the coaching process and learn about eachother.

What advantages are there to coaching through video conferencing or phone?

Many! My clients love the flexibility and convenience from the comfort of their own home or office. You don't have to drive in traffic or pay for parking, for one. Whereever your day takes you, as long as you have a private spot with internet access, you can connect with your coach.

What is the procedure and structure once I decide to begin coaching sessions with you?

The first session is called the DISCOVERY SESSION. We lay the foundation for a strong, collaborative relationship. It is designed for you to raise self-awareness, uncovering what you truly value, and how you will embrace it. The session ends with your written intention, that will be used to support you in future sessions as you create the meaningful, thriving life that you desire. FUTURE SESSIONS are one hour in length, and ideally scheduled every two weeks. With your intenion and goals in mind, you'll receive tools to create a life and career that feeds you. ME Boldly will offer you regular check-ins and accountability, so you can take BOLD leaps and risks. When you gather evidence to believe in yourself, you can make powerful decisions, take daring action, and create lasting results.

How much does Coaching cost, and how does payment to ME Boldly Coaching Services work?

ME Boldly will arrange monthly electronic funds transfers (EFT) or can invoice Clients via PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account to send payment. PayPal Credit is also a great financing option (for those that qualify) if you would like to pay in full and take advantage of the discount. For ME Boldly pricing, check out the Pricing Package page for details.

How many life coach sessions should I sign up for?

To see lasting results and fully benefit from coaching, it is requested that you commit to six months of coaching. Meeting your coach every couple of weeks is ideal to digest the sessions, take action, and return for feedback and accountability from your coach. Of course, if another arrangement is better suited to your goals, a customized schedule can be created for you.

Will my life coach teach me how to change my life?

As your life coach, I will partner with you in the process of changing your life. There isn't a magic pill to fix your life. Together, we will put in the time to see lasting results. I provide tools to guide, support, and offer accountability. I believe you have the answers to your deepest questions within you, and you are fully capable to discover and change what you want for your life.