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In-Home, Private, Invite only RETREATS:

ME Boldly's founder, Tonia Kurth has partnered with colleague and Life Coach, Shan Bengtson, to offer Inspiring Moments HALF-DAY and WEEKEND retreats! This unique opportunity is in response to a great need for intimate, client hosted coaching opportunities for individuals and their personally chosen group members. The idea is to protect the intimacy and privacy within your group of familiar faces. These may include: friends, family, bible study groups, meetup groups, and colleagues, etc. We keep these mini-retreats closed to your personally invited group only.

  • Grow closer to family and friends, and have a stronger understanding of not just yourself but also one another. It is a powerful way to take relationships to an authentic supportive level.

  • Organized groups (bible studies, meetups, networking and support groups) join together for Inspiring Moments mini-retreats to exponentially increase their groups’ value to their members, and build a strong supportive dynamic, improving how your group functions.

Our Inspiring Moments events are designed to be cost effective for all to get a taste and experience the value of life coaching. Typical individual life coaching sessions start at $150 per hour, while our half-day group series events start at JUST $85 for 4 hours! Because mini-retreats are member hosted and participants provided, we are able to pass this cost savings on to you.

Participant Hosted, Invite-Only, In-Home Half-Day Retreats are held on either a Saturday or Sunday in the home or location chosen by the host of the event. This will be a closed event, and the host will provide the guest list. For example; invited friends, family, group members, or team members.

Our Premier Weekend Retreats are held at a location central to your nearest community. They typically begin on a Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon. Fees cover two days of workshops, Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast, entertainment, and light refreshments. Neighboring hotel rooms can be reserved on your group's behalf, as well as Saturday dinner reservations made.

Destination Retreats can be designed per your group's requests. Some prefer Me Boldly to choose the destination, location, meals, and topics. We can create the entire weekend, and simply charge you one fee. Or, we can simply meet your group at your established location and provide you the workshop services. These retreats are completely flexible, and customize-able to your group's goals and needs. 

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Below are examples of our Pre-Packaged topics. Me Boldly can tweak or combine any of these topic offerings, as well as design a retreat around the subjects and focuses of your preference.

What about ME?!

You ask, "What about ME?!" Join us for a half-day of YOU time. All about you. Enjoy this experience to concentrate on YOU and what you truly value, desire for your dreams, and to visualize and claim your passions for yourself. Here you will celebrate and honor you, both where you are and where you are going. This begins your journey to manifest your desired life, living aligned with your values with your dreams clearly insight.

Relationships 2.0: Restore, Revitalize or Release.

Our relationships are either obligatory or chosen. They are defined as: the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other. Types of relationships include: romantic, friend, familial, or business, etc. Between two or more in a relationship there is an emotional tie or some form of connection. The mission is to 1) Recognize where our trust level idles within our relationships, and consider how we can create more trust. 2) Look at the people in our lives. Do we have the right support for what we are trying to do in our lives? Who else can we bring in? 3) Who are the negative influences in our lives, and which ones are supportive? 4) How can you protect your supportive relationships, and create healthy boundaries?

Are You Living Your Life Authentically? Who Are You in Relation to the World?    

When creating change in your life there are three different areas to examine so that awareness is raised and appropriate action can be taken.  First, we start by asking, “Who am in I in relation to self?” then we move to, “Who am I in relation to others?”, and finally, “Who am I in relation to the world?”  By focusing on these three areas and in this order, people are able to identify and break down what will support and hinder them so they can be more successful in embracing the change they want to make.  The change must connect to them at a personal level.  It cannot come from an outside source and be forced upon them.  It will not last!  Once it connects at an intrinsic level then they must be aware of how others play a role in their lives and how they are going to operate differently  in their world so that they are successful.

Connect Your Mind And Body, And Live Your Life To The Fullest!

By connecting your mind and body, you will create an inner strength and clarity so that you can make powerful decisions, take the actions necessary, and experience lasting results. Living life to its fullest along the way. You will take a deeper look at your values and life intentions. By understanding your values, intention and where you are today, you can make decisions to move towards your wants/dreams and goals with clarity and ease. This is a rare opportunity and gift to give yourself. You will walk away a stronger, better prepared person for what lies ahead.

Additional Topic Options:

  • Pushing Through Fears to Live the Life You Desire.

  • Find Life Balance Today, and Protect it Daily.

  • Surround Yourself with Inspiration, Support, and Accountability.