What is life coaching?

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions about what life coaching is. I am realizing there are many misconceptions out there.  

The other day I was talking with someone I met on LinkedIn. This woman was super excited to tell me all about her life obstacles and the grand goals she had for her life if she could just make the obstacles go away.

After she shared all she could with me, she took a deep breathe, and expectantly asked what I do to change peoples lives. She was ready to sign up, pay up, and jump on board! I loved her enthusiasm, she just needed some clarification on WHO would be changing her life.  

In a nutshell, I told her that as a life coach:

  • I partner with you in the process of changing and improving your life.

  • There is NOT a magic pill to fix your life.

  • Together, we will put in the time to create and reach goals, building the life you desire for yourself.

  • I provide tools to guide, support, and offer accountability.

  • I have been trained, and have gathered the evidence to believe that all of us already have the answers to our deepest questions within us. And, you are fully capable to discover and create change to have what you want for your life.

I decided to put together a quick, fun video to clarify:

  • What life coaching is, and

  • WHY people are using life coaches. 

Check out this short, playful video and let me know your thoughts or questions by 'liking', sharing, and if you comment - I'll be sure to respond! 

You may be a successful, professional A-type personality that is always hungry for MORE. Or, you are starting over in life, and sitting in a place of limiting beliefs with fear to press on in a BOLD courageous way. Wherever you are in that spectrum, or whatever goals and outcomes you seek for your life, partnering with a life coach is an excellent way to take action and start moving in the direction you want. For details on the actual coaching package, click here.

Wherever you are in the U.S., I join you virtually for face-to-face coaching sessions from the comfort of your home or office. I am happy to talk with you to discuss if life coaching is right for you. Give me a call at (612) 656-9880 or Click Here to request info.