Who is in your tribe? Are you surrounded by nurtured relationships?

Since offering the workshops: 'Relationships 2.0: Restore and Revitalize, or Release', I've learned that so many individuals are experiencing a real struggle to create supportive relationships.

When we set goals or desire to create change, our CIRCLE OF SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS provide us specific support to encourage our success. This circle can be divided into four quadrants.

We are at our best when we have at least one person in each role: 

1) Nurturers
2) Spiritual Advisers/Guidance
3) Warriors/Cheerleaders   
4) Emotional Support 

Sadly, our culture is growing more isolated. We often only have time for our spouse or partner, maybe our kids, and those we work with. More and more, extended families are distant and less involved in each other's lives. Friendships are not nurtured adequately due to the illusion that there is not enough time to honor those relationships. Community may even be a luxury that we can not afford. 

SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?  In your circle, you may see that you have placed a total of one or two people in your life in every quadrant of this CIRCLE OF SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS. Perhaps your spouse has become responsible to support you in all roles? He or she may be the only name listed. While it is great to have a close relationship that is supportive in all these roles, we tend to put a ton of pressure on a couple people in our lives to 'be there for us' in all things. Worse, we often do not even communicate to our tribe what we need from them, or how we would like them to show up for us. This can create conflict and disappointment in relationships.

1. Draw a circle and label with the 4 quadrants above. 
2. Add the names of who you lean on now for these roles. You may notice you are left with a blank space or are 'over-using' someone. 
3. So, who would be great to bring into your circle in a specific role or two?
4. Do you need to reach out to find new connections for support? (E.g., join a church group to find a new friend to support you spiritually?)
6. Once you have completed your CIRCLE OF SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS,

  • It's crucial that you COMMUNICATE to them their role how you would appreciate their support. and  
  • Make it a commitment and priority to SPEND QUALITY TIME together, and nurture these relationships.

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