University of Minnesota - SPHC Student Workshop

  • University of Minnesota Appleby Hall, Pleasant Street Southeast Minneapolis, MN, 55414 United States

This workshop falls timely, as students are juggling their time and facing the stress of midterms. I will introduce a couple of useful, awesome tools we will work through as a Group and discuss. Those that want to share will have an opportunity.

Students will leave understanding more about what they value and want for their lives, and how to break their goals and obstacles down into doable pieces. Group coaching workshops are excellent for increasing trust and relationship within the group. Participating students benefit by feeling further bonded, strengthened and supported by their peers.

Dear Tonia,
I cannot thank you enough for your time and the enthusiasm with which you spoke to our Parents as Student Support (PASS) group on Wednesday, November 11, 2015. I enjoyed the discussion we had with the group, and your hands-on materials were engaging and thought-provoking. Students enjoyed the opportunity to step back and evaluate their values and how they can tie those values to their everyday actions.

I also want to thank you for sharing your career journey with us. I think it is really helpful for current students to hear how graduated students have utilized their degrees, and you have a fun and unique story to tell.

On behalf of the students and staff of the Student Parent HELP Center, we are grateful for your willingness to share your expertise. I hope we can find ways of partnering again in the future.
Warm Regards,
— Melanie Soland, MSW, LISW Student Parent Counselor Student Parent HELP Center, Office for Student Affairs, University of Minnesota