Relationships 2.0: Release or Restore and Revitalize

Join us for a fun, inspiring, and life changing group coaching party! The Couch Hopping Coaches, a coaching collaboration with Tonia Kurth and Shan Bengtson, presents Relationships 2.0: Release or Restore and Revitalize.

Our relationships are either obligatory or chosen. They are defined as: the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other. Types of relationships include: romantic, friend, familial, or business, etc. Between two or more in a relationship there is an emotional tie or some form of connection. The mission is to 1) Recognize where our trust level idles within our relationships, and consider how we can create more trust. 2) Look at the people in our lives. Do we have the right support for what we are trying to do in our lives? Who else can we bring in? 3) Who are the negative influences in our lives, and which ones are supportive? 4) How can you protect your supportive relationships, and create healthy boundaries?

These are intimate, home hosted events. Space is limited, and new dates will be added as appropriate. If you are interested in hosting a private Couch Hopping Coaches event, please indicate when registering below. Half-day group coaching parties' registration fee is just $80!  

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