Bold Goals: Workshop for young adults and teen

  • Me Boldly Coaching Services Eden Prairie Community Center, 16700 Valley View Road, Eden Prairie, MN Eden Prairie, MN USA

Me Boldly Coaching Services is offering its first half-day workshop dedicated to our young adults and teens: 

Bold Goals: Workshop for young adults and teens!

Let's face it, our high school kids are dealing with high stress pressure daily. They know too well the tasks of making important decisions, multitasking and setting priorities. They are asked to take on great responsibility at a young age for their futures, what they want, and how they will get there. 

Wonder what could possibly be causing your son or daughter stress, worry, or feeling of overwhelm? They may want to take on any of the below, and simply need the tools to see results:

  • Improving academic performance (Maybe making the Honor Roll)

  • Building self-esteem and gaining a positive outlook

  • Increasing independence

  • Eliminating unhealthy habits

  • Getting into a club or on a team (Maybe earning that starting position)

  • Overcoming a fear that keeps them from being who they want

  • Making new friends

  • Leaving or getting a boy/girl friend

  • Manage and balance school, sports/clubs/hobbies, friends, and family

  • Being accepted into a specific college

  • Getting their first job or a dream job, working towards a specific career

Our kids are our greatest investment. We want to support and teach them so they have the tools to define what it is they really want, and have the skills to break down their goals into doable steps, as well as successfully problem solve by recognizing their options while addressing the obstacles in front of them. As we see them moving forward, as parents, we trust they continue making bold choices that honor their values.

What a life-changer of a gift you can give your son or daughter by signing them up for this Bold Goals workshop

What will your son or daughter be doing at this workshop?

In this workshop, participants will:


  1. Define what it is he/she really wants and develop the goals. Having a clear focus and desire for their life, will empower them to take full ownership for accomplishing his/her objectives.

  2. Through various tools, your teen will work to create the necessary action steps to achieve his/her goals.

  3. Your son or daughter will learn how to break down these steps into doable and assignable tasks. This will be a tool that will be called upon throughout life to manage challenging work and responsibilities.

  4. Your young adult will consider the potential obstacles that could stand between him/her and the goal. Listing out the many roadblocks that may lay ahead, prepares them to overcome or have alternative options to keep moving forward. It is empowering to realize that slip-ups and failures along the journey may still happen, and it's okay.

  5. Your teen will set clear deadlines for all action steps. This provides accountability and evidence they can make their goals a reality. As he/she sees their own progress and small successes, their confidence increases, as well as feeling more in control over their own happiness and success.

Please Click the link below, and schedule your teen or young adult for this life changing half-day workshop on December 11, 2016 or January 8, 2017 from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. *If you are interested in a Bold Goals Workshop on a different date and/or location near you, simply send us a message with your information.

Cost: $185